I talk a lot about Facebook ads; in this blog I am going to dive into more detail on how to turn them into a sales funnel. There is a process to using Facebook ads that make them effective in bringing leads & revenue to your business. To get the most out of your Facebook ad campaign, you should turn it into a sales funnel. There is more to Facebook ads than boosting a post, so let’s review how to turn them into a funnel…

Step 1 – Add The Pixel & Collect Traffic

The first step in your funnel is to collect the traffic on your website. You do this by installing the Facebook pixel onto your entire site (view my how to video here). What the pixel will do is track anyone who is logged into Facebook (on their browser or phone) and visits your website.

The reason you want to do this is so you can send your past visitors back to your website to capture their email or sell them a product.

Step 2 – Use Blogs & Freebies To Collect Traffic & Emails

The second step is all about creating content, freebies or deals to bring more traffic to your site & increase the chance of collecting your viewers email address. If you run ads on your most recent blogs or giveaways, this will lead people to your site and further build your pixel audience. Check out one of my add-on courses that walks you through this, click here.

If you can create something enticing to collect their email address, you can then run them through your email marketing sales funnel as well.

Step 3 – Create Warm Audiences From Traffic & Emails

In the third step, we revisit the traffic from your pixel. Over time your pixel has been collecting visitor traffic and creating a “warm” audience for you. They are considered a warm audience because they have been to your website before and they have been introduced to you & your business.

You can send ads to this warm audience and they will be more likely to click, give their email address or buy from your site. The more people that see you & your business, the more they remember you. *Remember it takes 7 repetitions before people remember something.

Step 4 – Create LAL Audiences From Warm Audiences

In the fourth step we begin tapping into our warm audience to further build successful ads. With this “warm” audience you can create something called a “Look-A-Like” (LAL) audience. This is where Facebook will create a large group of people (1 million+) that look similar to your current website visitors. LAL audiences save you trial & error in sending ads to people who may not care about your product or service. As well, you can upload your email list as a warm audience and create LAL audiences from your email list!

LAL audiences are built around the country the person is in. Because of this, you want to try and get at least 1,000 unique audience members in your warm audience before creating a LAL. If you create a LAL with too low of a data group, there is too much room for error.

The LAL audiences will be more likely to be interested in your product or service, thus making your ads more effective for less money than what you would spend on a cold targeted ad. This video may help, click here.

Step 5 – Retarget Ads To People Who Visit But Don’t Buy Or Opt-In

Lastly in step five, as your warm audience grows larger (into the thousands or more) you can start exploring retargeting ads. Retargeting (aka remarketing) is where you start to track people who visited your links on your site but didn’t opt into an email list or buy anything. They are familiar with you and your product but haven’t been convinced enough yet to invest in it.

With retargeting ads, you can send them a more personalized ad that discusses benefits and makes the hard sell. You keep these ads separated to this type of audience because you will want to talk differently to an audience who hasn't yet purchased from you. View a retargeting how-to video here.

Rinse & Repeat!

This five-step process is a common Facebook ad sales funnel almost everyone is using, as you grow and get more followers and traffic you can utilize all five of these steps. In the meantime, just repeat the process at any of the steps you wish, as long as you are tracking your traffic you will have a good base of an audience for later when you move into the wider areas of this funnel.

Have you created a sales funnel with Facebook yet? Leave a comment below…

About The Author

Fleur Ottaway is a technical marketer and trainer who loves teaching and consulting. Applying her background in IT and marketing, she helps businesses learn how to leverage technology for growth.